Further reading

This section contains links and Pdf documents for further reading on the subject matter, these document will vary in their relevance we should not limit ourselves in the search for more knowledge. These documents are available for you to study and learn from; the hope is to get a very varied view on our subject matter but also to encourage an exploration of the works present within the exhibition. For such reason it is important to provide as much educational or other forms of information as possible some of this information might be disagreeable for some, it is therefore important to understand that this is just a brief collection of text that does not aim to provide or represent of a specific idea or view point. If you find that we are lacking in a specific sort of text/video etc. please let us know so that we can added it to our list.

Aesthetics/ Art

Aesthetic knowledge Matthew Kieran (The text brings forth the difference between specific forms of understanding within relation of aesthetic judgment and how when making a judgment on things such as art.)

A reasonable objectivism for aesthetic judgements Towards an aesthetic psychology Elisabeth Schellekens – PhD Thesis

Revealing Art by Matthew Kieran

The vice of Snobbery Aesthetic Knowledge Justification and Virtue in Art Appreciation by Matthew Kieran

Why Ideal Cirtics are not Ideal Aesthetic Character, Motivation and value Matthew Kieran

Art and pornography by Hans Maes and Jerrold Levinson

Differencing the Canon by Griselda Pollock (A good text to read and also to try and get the whole book if one is interested in women artist and how to perceived such artist, generally this is a good text that one should read.)

Heterotopia Art, pornography and cemeteries by Knut Åsdam


Nudity in Painting Art or Pornography A case study of the Department of Painting and Sculpture by Kusi Ankrah Atta

Queer Renaissance Historiography Backward Gaze by Stephen Guy Bray, Vin Nardizzi and Will Stockton

Susanna and the Elders

The meanings of nudity in Medieval Art an Introduction by Sherry C.M. Lindquist

Transgenesis, transgenderism and the queer gaze Pedro Almodovars The Skin I Live In

Under the Guise of Art Victorian Aesthetic Pornography by Amanda Di Ponio

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema by Laura Mulvey

What is Pornography

Who says pornography cant be art by Hans Maes

Moral law or philosophical thought

An introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation Jerremy Bentham

Benjamin,-Walter-–-Illuminations (Contains the essay the The work of art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction p.g.226.)

Jeremy Bentham, The works of Jeremy Bentham vol 1 Principles of Morals and Legislation Fragment on Government Civil Code Penal Law

Property and Persuasion essays on the History, Theory and Rhetoric of Ownership Carol_M_Rose

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Breaking the Silence The Legacy of Acquaintance Rape

Pornography sex crime and public policyby Berl Kutchinsky

Sex, Lies and Honor in Italian Rape Law by Rachel A. Van Cleave


Objectification Martha C.Nussbaum

The objectification of women in mass media female self image in misogunist culture stephanie nicholl berberick

The rle of self objectification in the experince of women with Eating Disorders Racel M. Calogero William N. Davis and J. Kevin Thompson

The sexual objectification of women in advertising a contemporary cultural perspective amanda zimmerman john dahlberg

The sexualisation of girls in popular culture neoliberalism choice and invisible oppression ryl harrison and nonie harris

Art Morality and Ethics On the ImMoral Character of Art Works and Inter Relations to Artistic Value Matthew Kieran

Body objectification MTV and psychological outcomes among Female Adolescents Shelly Grabe Janet Shibley Hyde

Calogero & Jost (2011) Self-subjugation among women

Effects of sexually objectifying Media on Self Objectification and body surveillance in Undergraduates Results of a 2 year panel study Jennifer Stevens Aubrey

More than a body mind perception and the nature of objectification Kurt Gray Joshua Knobe

Objectification Terry Halpin

Objectification Theory Toward Understanding Womens Lived Experiences and Mental Health Risks Barbara L. Fredrickson Tomi Ann Roberts

Beauty and Misogyny Harmful cultural practices in the west by Sheila Jeffreys

On Femininity and other readings in relation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWX8cnGodQo (This lecture can be considered anti feminist or anti female, reason for it being hear is for such a reason.)

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/30/social-media-protecting-men-periods-breast-milk-body-hair (Article about how the treatment of men and women is massively against women and how a lot of social media has a very negative view towards women’s bodies.)

http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2015/mar/30/so-sia-hides-herself-so-do-daft-punk-the-only-difference-is-shes-a-woman (About the difference in reaction towards performers within the music business.)

http://fra.europa.eu/DVS/DVT/vaw.php (Report about violence against women in Europe should be looked at, something to think about does the result of the report reflect a true value of violence against women or does it show a distorted value. Are those in specific countries like Sweden more aware or have a stronger relation to what constitutes violence against women or do they have a higher rate of violence.)

http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/may/18/sexual-violence-egypt-women-report-shereen-el-feki (Article about sexual violence in Egypt.)

Feminism in Islam Secular and Religious Convergences Margot Badran

Patriarchy and the subordination of women from a radical feminist point of view Nina Katrin Johannsdottir

The Inclusion of Female PhD Students in Academia A Case Study of a Swedish University Department Ulf Elg and Karin Jonnergård

The Islamic Influence on the Role of Women and Girls in the United States Muslim Womens Historic Role and its Relevance in Countering the Sexualization of Western ..

Ursprung_ Eva and Co A Feminist Cultural Magazine

Women and men in Sweden Facts and figures 2012

Women Genocide and Memory The ethics of Feminist Ethnography in Holocaust Resarch Janet Liebman Jacobs

Women in Leadership The Stereotyping of Women Amand L. Corawford

Women, Gender, and Religion Susan Calef and Ronald A Simkins

Womens Costume and Feminine Civic Morality in Augustan Rome Judith Lynn Sebesta

Women and Girls as Subjects of Medias Attention and Advertisement Campaigns The situation in Europe Best Practices and Legislations Study


Aremisia Gentileschi The Heart of a Woman and the Soul of a Ceaser by Deborah Anderson Silvers

Diet Suck and other Tales of Womens Bodies on the Web Lisa Gerrard

Flesh for Fantasy Exposing the sexualized and manipulated female person in contemporary womens media by Catherine Wood Hunter (Master thesis.)

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2015/jun/24/hijab-not-oppression-feminist-statement-video (Interesting video to watch.)

The radical gesture Feminism and performance art in the 1970s

On Masculinity and other readings in relation



Macsculinity as Homophobia Fear, Shame, and Silence in the Construction of Gender Identity Michael S. Kimmel

Masculinist Metaphors, Feminist research Fabienne H. Baider Sara Gesuato

Role Congruity Theory of Prejudice toward Female Leaders ALice H. Eagly Steven J. Karau

Truant Dispositions and Inclinations Alternative Masculinities in Coopers The Last of the Mohicans Matthew Knip

Whatever happened to the male teacher Gendered discourses and progressive education in Sweden Britt Marie Berge


Gays and the Gaze by Hammad Ahmed

Taming of the shrew the rhetoric of masculinitiy and machismo in the telugu film industry

On Sexuality

Dahlén, Sandra: ”Hetero”


A postcolonial scene on Girls sexuality Sanya Osha

Are We Killing the Boys Harshly The Consumption of the male gaze in Queer Pages by Aron Lee Christian (Master thesis.)

Erotica and pornography a clear and present difference by Gloria Steinem (The title does say what the text is about, it covers the difference between erotica and pornography bring forth the violent and dominance within pornography as a means of sexual gratification.)

Gaydar Eye gaze as identity recognition among gay men and lesbians by Cheryl L. Nicholas

I think youre the Smartest Race Ive ever met Racialised economies of Queer male desire Alan Han

Introduction Queering the non Human by Noreen Giffney and Myra J. Hird

No Way of Seeing Mainstreaming and Selling the Gaze of Homo thug Hip hop by Robin. R mEans Coleman

Pornography and Erotica Definitions and Prevalence

Queering the crip or cripping the queer Intersectiosn of Queer and crip identities in solo autobiographical performance by Carrie Sandahl

Queering the home Politics and ethics of the Field by Antu Sorainen

The Queer Gaze by Tim Wray

Two spirits Nadleeh and LGBTQ2 Navajo Gaze by Gabriel S. Estrada

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/02/applaud-caitlyn-jenner-brave-or-pretty  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2015/06/03/jon-stewart-mocks-caitlyn-jenner-coverage-your-looks-are-the-only-thing-we-care-about/  (It brings out a very clear view that is placed onto the body in American society, try to watch the daily shows coverage, one should look at masculinity without men. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE2_4yt0Aow)

Masculinity without Men Review of Judith Halberstam Female Masculinity by Rachel Adams

Sexualisation and the body

A qualitative study of children young people and sexting a report prepared for the NSPCC

Can Beauty Ever Be More than SKin Deep Abigail Brooks Bsc hons Managment essay (This is a student essay so it is important to take that into account.)

Cognitive responses attitudes and product involvement of female consumers to traditional and non traditional models in beauty advertising Laura Jean Dillavou

Coming to terms with sexualization Linda Duits Liesbet van Zoonen (An observation onto the effects of sexualised imagery or the idea of how sexualization effects women, with a focus on girls. It also brings out how policy is sometimes govern by fear and misinformation.)

Equal opportunity objectification The Sexualization of men and women on the cover of rolling stone Erin Hatton Mary nell Trautner (An interesting observation on how media portray men and women with a focus on sexulisation. They point out that though sexulisation has increased slightly for men, women are still being sexualised at same rate and even more so to a point of hypersexulisation.)

Innocence Lost The early sexualisation of tween girls in and by the media An examination of fashion Lorie Jabe Clark Master Thesis (This is a student essay so it is important to take that into account.)

Just the women An evaluation of eleven Brithis national newspapers portrayal of women over a two week period in September 2012 including recommendations on press…

Self referencing and consumer evaluations of larger sized female models a weight locus of control perspective

Sexual objectification of Women Advances to Theory and Research Dawn M.Szymanski, Lauren B. Moffitt and Erika R. Carr

Take your pick Kate Moss or the Girl next Door The effectiveness of cosmetics Advertising Michael Antioco Dirk Smeesters

The sexualization Report 2013 Feona Attwood Clare Bale and Meg Barker

Too thin is no longer in The influence of exposing healthy vs too thin models on body discrepancy attitude …

Vanity sizing the manufacturing of self esteem Holly Enis

Lawrence_Pornography and Obcenity

The online services bill Theories and Evidence of Pornographic Harm by Geoffery A Sandy


Decades of Reform Prostitutes Feminists and the War on White Slavery by Jodie Masotto Undergraduate Thesis essay


American Paradox Slavery and Freedom The American Paradox Edmund S. Morgan

Re examining the problem of slavery in western culture david brion davis

The political Legacy of American Slavery Avidit Acharya, Matthew Blackwell and Maya Sen

White Slavery as Metaphor anatomy of a Moral panic by Mary Ann Irwin



Is more choice always desirable Evidence and arguments from leaks, Food selection and enviromental enrichment John M.C Hutchinson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VggFao85vTs (Anti Marxist program/propaganda.)


The immorality of pornography a booklet of Roman Catholic moral theology by Ronald L. Conte Jr. (This text comes from a religious point of view and as such is still useful to observe.)

Theologizing or Indulging Desire Bathers in the Sacra Parallela by Mati Meyer

We never part with our money without desire Marriage economics and a attempted rape in the comedies of Behn and Centlivre

Women, Gender and Religion Edit Susan Calef and Ronald A. Simkins

Women, War and Peace The independent Experts assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Womens ROle in Peace building



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