Sanna Halme

Sanna Halme is a painter and scenographer (set designer).

The themes of her paintings are for example: gender roles, parenting, and the dark sides of motherhood; fatigue, depression, aggressions and feelings that could arise from the influence of children that when even talked about, are experienced as shameful.

Her painting style is a combination of cartoon-like naivety combined with grotesque, even gritty expression. With her paintings she wants to express social topics and so address the viewer but also provide the pleasure of beauty to the viewer. Her background as a scenographer influences her paintings so, that they are sort of little scenes with characters. Her paintings often per se from daily routine or are the result of a feeling from an occasion about to happen, that she exaggeratedly dramaturge and grow, until the situation reaches a level, that is outside of her own life. Through this aggravation she wants to bring into attention typical women/mothers monstrous hidden aggressions in the middle of daily life or the unexplainable need to please or the need to be accepted through sexualisation (even to the point where the women will rather flirtatiously twirl around in a see-through night gown and clean her spilt coffee, than take care of the bloody baby lying next to her.) In her paintings the figures direct eye contact with the viewer is important. The gaze, depending on the viewer, will challenge, question or accuse and forces to confront the situation. Details offer plenty to look at, but also provide symbolic messages that support the story of the paintings.




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