Sepideh Rahaa



Artist’s website:     www.sepidehrahaa.wix/artist




2015 Matter of land, Third space, Helsinki, Finland.

2014  The Passage, Babel Gallery, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

2013   Video work & performance “Dialogue Off”, Persepolis, Shiraz, Iran.

2013  Minority , A performance and Video by Sepideh Rahaa on Tehran metro station, Iran.

2013 Performance and video work, “A Dream That Came True”, based on story of Zahhak    

          from Shahnameh  Fredowsi, part of the project “Taking Time”, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki.

2013  Fire Trial, Powen Gallery, Taiwan.

2013  Fire Trial, Moons art gallery, Taiwan.

2005  Botiya Gallery of Art, Kerman, Iran.​

2000  Edare Farhang Va Ershad Nour (cultural place of Nour ), Public exhibition place, Nour, Mazandaran, Iran.



2015 Mänttä Art Festival, Finland.

2015 Current state, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

2015 Paljastus (exposure), Galleria Värinä, Rovaniemi, Finland.

 2015 Performance, “Meet the Other” Catalysti, international week against racism, Lavaklubi, Helsinki, Finland.

 2015 Women Communicating Across and Through Art, Cultural centre Caisa, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan.

2014 Kubri Alhamir, Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki.

2014  Performance together with Anna Knappe, Espoon center, part of a public exhibition ”Objeckti”, Finland.

2014  group exhibition, Powen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2014  Different faces of us, Gallery Augusta, Suomenlina,Helsinki.

2013  Antidote7, Group painting exhibition, Gallery Jongva, Helsinki, Finland.

2013  Different Faces of Us, Performance By Sepideh Rahaa & Anna Knappe, Kampi, Helsinki,Finland.

2013  Erotus (difference) exhibition , Glue factory,15th February, Glascow, UK.

2013  Antidote 6Taking time project/Exhibition, galleria Agusta, Helsinki, Finland.

2012  Painting exhibition, 100 artists 100 works, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2007  Photography exhibition subject “ our society ”. University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran.​

2004  Painting exhibition of students of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman,faculty of art.​

2003  Mural Painting Exhibition. Hotel Pars of Kerman’s Gallery. Kerman, Iran.​

2002  Photography Exhibition in Sana’ti Contemporary Museum of Kerman, Iran.​


2015   Kuvasto, Visek, Production grant.

2015   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Project grant.

2015   Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Exhibition grant.

2015  Taike, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Two month for artist in residency in France.

2014  Koneen Sääitiö, Working grant for the production of a short film, XX Mänttä Festival, Finland.

2014  Aalto arts grant for exhibition “Current State”, Finland.

2014  Aalto University, international affair scholarship, Exhibition “The Passage”, Norway.

2014  IF Plus Cultural LAB, Funding f for The Passage exhibition at Babel Gallery, Trondheim, Norway.

2013  Camac Art center, France.



2014- Artist association MUU, Finland.


2014  Artist in residence at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder(LKV), Trondheim, Norway, 1stMay- 1st June.

2015  Artist in residence at Camac, Centre d’Art Marnay Art Centre, France, 1stNovember-30thDecember.


2015 Teaching the course “Identity” in collaboration with artist Lora Dimova, Taidekoulu MAA, Helsinki, Finland.

2015 Guest lecturer at Taidekoulu MAA, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 Guest Lecturer at Kuvataideakatemia for the course Norm Critical Art Circle, Helsinki, Finland.

2014 Teaching Fine Arts courses at Ressu School, Helsinki, Finland.

2013-2015 Fine Arts teacher at Annantalo art and cultural centre, Helsinki, Finland.

2008- 2012 Head of Painting Department in Marlik Higher Education Institute of Nowshahr.​

2008 Instructor in azad university of Tehran,​

2008 Instructor in Shariati university of Tehran , drawing II.​

2008 -2012 Instructor of Marlik Higher Education , Painting and drawing, visual art fundamentals courses.​



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